Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mugged: Vista Alegre [Henry's]

Mugged: Vista Alegre (Brazil)
Rating: 3+ [see key]

When I get coffee, I like to look up the origin if the specific location is given. With the second coffee I had from Henry’s House of Coffee, I looked up the locale of Vista Alegre on the webs to try to get an idea where it hails from (Henry's site didn't have specifics). According to Coffee Review, there happens to be one estate of that name that has made it's name as an operation that dry processes their cherries by leaving them on the trees to dry (instead of drying post-harvest).

Curious as to whether Henry's Vista Alegre was such a coffee, I was interested to see what qualities the coffee would hold. Preparing it in the usual three methods of drip, french press and siphon, I commenced sipping.

The drip birthed a cup brimming full of tobacco with cloves, all spice, tootsie roll, rye, a little vanilla and a hint of lime; a smoky yet sweet coffee with a medium body.

The french press also held notes of cloves, tootsie roll and vanilla as well as a little sesame seed. While a little thicker, it was still sweet and tobacco-esque.

The siphon achieved higher levels of vanilla and a mellower profile, with smoother flavors of cloves, cocoa and vanilla.

Given that this coffee was roasted a bit dark, it was not surprising that there existed a cloves-centric presence, but fortunately it was decently balanced with the sweet aspects. The coffee didn't really produce the round fruitiness I would associate with dry processed coffee, but then again, maybe it's a different coffee if roasted lighter. Not my favorite Brazilian coffee but by no means my least. Give Henry’s Brazil a go if you’re looking for a darker coffee with nice compliments of sweet and smoky. 

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.


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