Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mugged: Singletrack [Rocky Mountain Roastery]

Mugged: Singletrack
Rating: 3+ [see key

Whether it's all of the Coors Light ads that aired during my childhood or just my love for mountains, I always wanted to live somewhere like Colorado. Sure, I did live in beautiful Bozeman, Montana for almost a year, but my short stint there only made said desire more prominent. I believe it's the laid back atmosphere, the crisp air and the mountains that hold their sway over me.

Thus, when I receive a product from a place in the western mountains, my oregon trail desires rear up and I picture myself sitting on a rustic porch made of fresh timber, breathing in the mountain air and enjoying the nice weather. This is especially true of good coffee, as there's nothing like a delicious cup of coffee amidst mountainous views.

But in receiving a pound of coffee from Rocky Mountain Roastery to objectively review, I wasn't sure what to expect as I had not really heard too much of them. Located in beautiful Fraser/Winter Park, Colorado, Rocky Mountain Roastery seems to have a wide variety of coffees on their website, ranging from light to really dark. I got to sample their Singletrack Blend, a "full bodied" coffee (I found the coffee fairly dark in roast), via drip (filter), french press and siphon infusions and here is what I got.

The drip produced deep notes of peanut, molasses, bitter herbs, tobacco and a little vanilla within a medium body.

My cup of the french press held similar notes of peanut, pepper, molasses, tobacco and vanilla in a similar body.

The siphon held much stronger notes of tobacco, peanut and pepper but had a super sweet honey flavor as well as hints of vanilla and orange amidst a light/medium body.

Overall, I found the coffee had a little too much bitter flavors (tobacco & pepper) but there were some nice sweet flavors as well as a tinge of nuttiness. I might really like this coffee it were roasted a little lighter.

Thus, while I can't say I would pick this particular coffee over others for a nice, relaxing mountain retreat, I wouldn't turn it down either. Give Rocky Mountain Roastery's Singeltrack a try if you're looking for a sweet dark coffee.

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.

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Endang said...

I've tried coffee in a variety of brewed ways, collision, french press, drip, siphon, and espresso. Why do I feel the taste of collision coffee was most appropriate and steady. Is it just out of habit ?