Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mugged: Costa Rica [Superba]

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Subject: Superba Coffee
Mugged: Costa Rica Santa Laura
Rating: 5+ [see key]

Costa Rica has always held my intrigue as a mystical place, though (sadly?) it all traces back to a fictitious route, when I read Jurassic Park as a teen. Since then, I have come to know folks and learn a great deal about this lovely isthmus of a country.

Of course, one of my chief loves of Costa Rica is its coffee. I've had several coffees from the region that have knocked my socks off (as well as a few that have kept them on) and while roasters truly hold the glamorous role in bringing forward the final product, we all know the true heroes are the farmers.

Relatively recently, I received some coffee from Superba Coffee out of California, with one of the coffees being their Costa Rica Santa Laura. Having had a decent experience with Superba before, I ripped into this bag and sampled it via drip, french press and siphon.

The siphon produced a delicious brew with notes of merlot, chocolate, honey, powdered sugar and hazelnut with a milky texture and a medium body.

The drip held more powdered sugar as well as shredded wheat, a little cinnamon and cake donut within a milky, light/medium body.

The french press rolled out a lot like the drip, with prominent powdered sugar and cake donut, shredded wheat and a little cinnamon amidst a milk-like, light/medium body.

All three infusions, though a bit different in scope, had a beautiful arrangement of multifaceted sweet flavors as well as a nice acidity. If you're looking for a good Costa Rican coffee, give Santa Laura a swig.

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.


natural handcrafted soap said...

LOVE Costa Rica Coffee
Im freak on coffee

Peacock Exotic Tea & Coffee said...

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C.E. Bulice said...

I have tasted and love Costa Rican Terrazu roasted by Rozark Roasterie in Rose Bud, Arkansas. It is fantastic!

Online Ground Coffee said...

What are the characteristics of costa rican coffee and can you get it fiartrade certified? Is it a drak / medium / mild roast?

Anonymous said...

For me, Costa Rican has never been old tasting. It isn't very woody or earthy tasting. Compared to Folger's it is less acidic tasting. Costa Rican never tastes like it has been in storage for a long time.
Mine is roasted medium, but I think you could persuade a roaster to roast it dark or light if that is what you wanted. I am not sure about the "fair trade" certification, but there are small family farms in Costa Rica. Perhaps cafemilagro will meet your needs.

Coffee Machine said...

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