Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mugged: Brazil [Old Soul]


What does Mugged mean?

Subject: Old Soul Co. 
Coffee Mugged: Brazil Macaubas
Rating: 5+ [see key]

The final coffee of the three bags of Old Soul I received was their Brazil Macaubas. While much of Brazil usually blasts out a lot of low-grade coffee for your coffee giants, this coffee claimed to be a great, single estate coffee. As usual, I dove in using three different types of coffee infusion to test the coffee.

Using a standard coffee pourover (drip) method, the coffee brewed up notes of caramel, cashew, chocolate chip, potato skin, thyme and a little milkiness in a medium body. A good start.

The french press squeezed out an infusion with flavors more akin to pear, honey, wheat, sunflower seeds as well as a tinge of licorice and spinach. While I found this coffee slightly different then the drip, it had a lot of similarities in profile and was also delicious.

The siphon delivered similar to the french press with notes of clove, honey, peanut chaff and wheat amidst a heavy body. A solid cup.

In the end, I was pleased to conclude that this was indeed a fine coffee from Brazil. If you're looking for a good South American coffee with a delightful sweet and nutty profile, give this coffee a whirl.. 

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.


Fair Trade Siegel said...

Thats a very tasty coffee. I like it.

Espresso said...

thx for sharing

Jerry Hingle said...

Wow, there are so many different flavors in the coffees you described. Sounds amazing! I hope I can find it at the store.

Peacock Coffee said...

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central american coffee said...

i really like this type because its really tasty. Yum!!

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