Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Mugged: Jamaican High Mt [St. Mary Market]


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St. Mary Market
Coffee Mugged:
Jamaica High Mountain
Rating: 2+
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t pains me when a coffee roaster/purveyor exclaims how great their coffee is, when in actuality it fails to pass for decent coffee when put to the test. This is a pain I experienced recently when the folks at St. Mary Market out of NYC very kindly sent me out a 1/3 lb of their Jamaican High Mountain Coffee to try. When I opened the bag, I smelled nothing except a stale fragrance and saw what could have once been a decent medium roast coffee.

As you might guess, all of the ensuing brews came out stale and hence, the original coffee might have been amazing but it seems that the roasting/storage/handling did not ensure its quality.

I brewed it first via drip and received a coffee with a little caramel, tobacco, fig and toast all in a light body.

The french press produced a cup with heavier tobacco, fig, caramel, oregano and a bit of pear. This cup had a heavier body.

The siphon denoted some caramel, pepper, oregano, graham cracker and popcorn amidst a medium body.

Thus, it seems that St. Mary Market might have a good coffee but because it was so stale when I received it, there's not much praise I can laud. Another Jamaican coffee that stalled when its rubber met the road.

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.


NSCF-North Sumatera Coffee Forum said...

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Kind regards,

Sabam Malau
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chaeyan said...

this is a really cool blog!

Bela said...

I have to agree with you on this one. I too have tasted coffee that could have exploded the palate pleasurably but been weakened and paled by inferior packaging and transport.

albert said...

Jamaica High mountain coffee is the poorer cousin in the shadow of the Jamaica blue mountain which is probably the best coffee in the world and for some reason the most expensive.
I've tried the high mountain, which I bought in London, from the very reliable Algerian coffee stores, located in Soho's Old compton street.I had them grind the beans fine so I could use them in my espresso coffee machine.
I bought just 100g and used it in a few days and found it to be very smooth and full bodied with an amazing aroma.
I used my La Pavoni Lusso espresso coffee machine.
I suggest always to smell the coffee beans for freshness before you buy and grind them yourself.
Don't give up on this coffee.