Sunday, December 19, 2010

CC: Town Hall Coffee Co

Subject: Town Hall Coffee Co
Location visited: Merion Station, PA and Philadelphia, PA
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

Updated 12.29.13 (see bottom)

It is all about patience. Things always seem to happen slowly but if you can wait it out, usually your fortitude will win out. This particular view has helped much in watching the Delaware Valley area develop a quality coffee scene. Back in 2006 when I started this blog, there was literally nothing great in Philadelphia and only one decent place in NJ (Delaware still has nothing stellar!).

But almost five years later, the region has greatly blossomed, with the latest flower being Town Hall Coffee Co. Opening their doors in the beautiful area near St. Joe's University, Town Hall exists as a moderately-sized cafe with gorgeous Edison bulb light fixtures, various seating and an overall pleasant aura.

The coffee offered is highly varied, with coffee from Ritual, Old Queens, Counter Culture, New Harvest and Intelligentsia. They offer most of their coffees brewed via pour over, so I went with Ritual's Costa Rican Halsar de Zacaro. The coffee delivered notes of honeydew, cherry wheat, caramel, graham cracker, a touch of cinnamon and a little milk chocolate; a simply surreal coffee as far as rich flavor and smoothness.

As for my espresso, I went with the current offering of Gimme Coffee's Brazil Santo Andre. Pulled short with a blondish, marbly crema, the 'spro produced notes of root beer and cocoa, a little ginger, some raspberry and a deep body. Overall, a scrumptious infusion.

The tea is Premium Steap as well as others.

Needless to say, if you happen to be in the area, Town Hall Coffee Co is worth the detour.

*Update 12.29.13*
Recently visited their new Philadelphia location. Same great quality in a very spiffy shop on Chestnut. Definitely worth a stop.


dexa said...

Great coffee for coffee lover

Coach said...

Town Hall is my new meeting place for me and my athletes whenever we need to sit down and go over training...etc. I love a good cup of bold quality coffee, and Town Hall does exactly that, by freshly grinding and hand pouring for the best drip coffee for every individual! If you have a few extra minutes for some great coffee, try Town Hall, you won't regret it.

Coach Todd Parker