Saturday, December 11, 2010

CC: The Coffee Plant

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Coffee Plant
Location visited: Portland, OR
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Downtowns rarely seem to have good coffeehouses. Blame it on the rent, but of the many cities I've had the pleasure of visiting, only a handful sport decent coffee.

Naturally, Portland is one of such exceptions, sporting quite a few within the downtown vicinity. My most recent Portland downtown encounter was a place called the Coffee Plant. Operated by dedicated locals to provide a coffee oasis amidst the downtown bustle, this cafe has been going strong since 2003.

I blew in one blustery afternoon to their oasis. The cafe has a mini-mall entrance as well as a street entry, both leading to their two story interior, speckled with an old tile floor and arrayed with a nice assortment of seating.

Coffee Plant uses local Stumptown for their coffee. That afternoon I ordered shots of Hairbender and a drip of Honduras Finca El Puente. The drip held notes of deep cocoa, honey, wheat, tobacco a tingle of granola and a smack of whiskey; a swell coffee though it was a bit stale that day. The espresso, pulled short with nice crema, blasted dark chocolate porter, paprika, lemon, almond and a smudge of black cherry (all together, great). The tea came from Stumptown and Mighty Leaf.

Aside from the freshness of their drip that day, Coffee Plant proved the refreshing watering hole they aim to be. If you're in downtown Portland, take root at the Coffee Plant.


Endang said...

Hello Bill,
I would like to ask to you, why did espresso that near cold (not iced) have the "not good" taste ? (ah, I don't know the term exactly Bill, the point is "not hot espresso not good taste", why ?)

Anonymous said...

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