Wednesday, January 20, 2010

CC: The Sweet Life Bakery

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Albeit coffee and sweets are natural friends, I have not seen many bakeries that serve good coffee, never mind good espresso. Usually, it's just an aging pot of coffee sitting next to heavily-iced cakes.

Yet things seem to be swinging around at some confectioneries, places where the coffee quality has begun to take an appropriate spotlight.

One such example would be the Sweet Life Bakery in Vineland, NJ. The bakery has received some decent acclaim for their baking exploits (apparently they have the best muffins in South Jersey) but it was a trusted friend endorsing their coffee prowess that made me stop by on a recent trip through the deep south of NJ.

The Sweet Life sits on a side street off East Landis Ave (despite having the address of said street) in a small yellow building next to a very convenient public parking lot. The inside of the bakery is cozy and simple; a few tables right near the front counter where all of the baking and making happens.

The coffee comes from nearby Kaffe Magnum Opus, a decent local South Jersey roaster. I ordered their featured drip, the Havana Nights blend, a coffee that offered a fairly bright and balanced cup, featuring hints of pear, a slap of bitterness and a trailing sauciness (overall, not bad). The espresso, a quality short/medium pull from a one group Nuova Simonelli, displayed a buttery, bitter flavor with flecks of cocoa and a nice milky aftertaste; an overall pretty good espresso. The tea I did not catch.

While I definitely could see this little bakery ascending to great heights, I can say that they at least stand ahead of many bakeries due to their coffee aspirations. If you are looking for a good cup of coffee in Vineland, stop by the Sweet Life.


pantsaregood said...

sounds like good coffee

Stephen said...

Thanks for the good review. For being a bakery first, I'm proud of our small coffee program. Keep up the good work.

Miles K said...

Thanks for the review, I'm going to have to stop by there when I head back to CT this spring.