Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mugged: El Salvador Las Mercedes [Klatch Coffee]


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Subject: Klatch Coffee
Coffees Mugged: El Salvador Las Mercedes
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When I was in LA some months ago, there was a coffee operation in San Dimas called Klatch Coffee (or Coffee Klatch; your call as the website states both) that I had really wanted to stop at but given distance and lack of time, I unfortunately missed out (most heinous).

Yet the opportunity to sample their wares ended up landing on my doorstep with a partially comped order from quality coffee purveyor GoCoffeeGo. To put in my two cents about GoCoffeeGo, they definitely have a great selection, great service and good delivery as the coffee arrived quickly and also directly from the roaster (in this case, Klatch Coffee). Thus, all was swell and the only thing that tore my opinion was that it came straight from the roaster; a great thing for freshness, but a bad thing for shipping/carbon foot print when you order three coffees from different roasters like I ended up doing (usually, the allure of such companies is the one bulk price for all one locale).

Anyway, I ended up picking Klatch's El Salvador Las Mercedes Pepinal 1 Micro Lot, a nice direct trade, lightly roasted coffee that has been Cup of Excellence worthy in past years.

I brewed the coffee in the typical gamut of methods: french press, drip and siphon. The french press produced a sweet coffee with the flavors of
wheat grass, sweet nougat, a little tinge of pomegranate and a bit of lager. The drip provided an also sweet cup with a little more earthiness and more of a wheat taste as well as more of a sweet cherry sauce and a bit more of an oolong-like body. The vacuum press, brewed a little later in the time of my possession (like 4 days out), made a much more of a nougat-ey coffee with only subtle hints of wheat grass and the pomegranate, plus a tinge of sweet wine and noticeable spice cake; a pleasant development.

To encapsulate, the coffee was a grand addition to my daily ingestion and I feel slightly less sad about not getting to visit the cafe of Klatch Coffee when I was in LA (especially since they apparently have the World's Best Espresso Blend).

If you're looking for a grand El Salvador coffee, take the Las Mercedes of Klatch Coffee for a spin.


Will From Turquoise Coffee said...

We'd appreciate it if you would review Turquoise Coffee in Pacific Beach CA...How can we get a review?

Anonymous said...

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Bill said...


Sent you an email at


Glad you visited!

massivecoffeefreak said...

Hey Bill, absolutely loved this review.


coffee culture said...

Yes, great review. Liked it veru much. Wainting for other ideas. Thanks a lot :)

Daniel Markham said...

Ahhhh, El Salvador! I was wondering if your review was going to hit on some of the same flavors I've picked up in almost every version of El Sal I've tried: the tang!

Indeed, there it was: "pomegranite" and "sweet cherry sauce". I'm really liking this origin.

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