Tuesday, August 11, 2009

CC: Sova Espresso & Wine

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Location visited: Washington, DC
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

How far would you walk for amazing coffee? I would bank that on my daily routine, I would be ok with a ten block walk (with a block equaling on average of 271 ft) out of the way to grab good coffee and a 2 mile hike every once in a while.

In my past visit to DC, my one friend lamented that he found a truly excellent coffeehouse that was not only way out of his normal travels but was also a bit of a hike from the nearest metro stop (Union Station). This distant gem he called Sova and on on my latest visit, he insisted a stop.

Trusting my wise friend, we made our way to the Sova, a modest tan, brick store front accented with maroon. Inside, the place really opens up into an extremely gorgeous two-story cafe, complete with various arrays of really splendid furniture and decor (seriously one of the nicest layouts I've seen).

The coffee comes from Intelligentsia (not as common in DC, but still familiar). First on my order was an espresso that displayed condensed milk, hints of pear and lemonade as well as a speckling of nutmeg. As for their drip/pressed coffee, they were out of Intelly that day, but they served me up a delightful organic Ethiopian from Counter Culture that had a tart blueberry smash up front, with a balanced tea-like body and a beautiful smoothness. The tea is free leaf and they also have an extensive wine bar on the second floor.

After soaking the Sova experience in fully, I would definitely walk out of my way to stop in. If you're looking for an amazing coffeehouse and possibly a little exercise, than go to Sova.


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Dylan said...

Coffee and wine? I could spend all morning and evening in such a place. I am a long ways from D.C., but I will try to find my way there the next time I am in the area.

Mizzenplace said...

Thanks for that! I'm from DC and had no idea this place existed. Will report back after a visit.