Saturday, August 22, 2009

CC: Amherst Coffee

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Amherst Coffee
Location visited: Amherst, MA
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 5+ [see key]

Early morning coffee stops can be a wondrous experience if planned well. Too often, people grab their coffee like a falcon snatching up an unfortunate rodent. But a nice slow stop at a grand cafe really starts the day off right.

Yet sadly, good coffee always seems to elude me in the morning. Thus, when I was last on a business excursion in Massachusetts, I decided to put the morning coffee stop at the forefront and going on a tip, I drove over 45 minutes to a place called Amherst Coffee.

The coffeehouse sits in the main stretch of town in a gorgeous large-windowed building next to a theater. Inside the cafe has a spacious bar on the right, a nice array of wood furniture and an overall inviting ambiance.

Amherst Coffee uses Barrington Coffee Roasting Company, a lovely roaster that produces quite a grand cup of coffee. I ordered the Sumatran (a very bright Sumatran) that had flecks of cranberry and oolong with an overall bold yet smooth taste. The espresso was pulled short and had a sweet whiskey-ish tang, a decent crema and a hint of semi-sweet chocolate. The tea is free leaf and they also exhibit an extensive wine bar.

After grabbing a seat, I managed to take some time to enjoy my morning brew and then, drove quite quickly (yet legally) to my work destination. If you happen to be close or in Amherst, definitely give Amherst Coffee a sampling.

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