Sunday, March 15, 2009

CC: Urth Caffe

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Subject: Urth Caffe
Location visited: Santa Monica,CA

Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 4+ [see key]

There exist but a few optimal ways of how I love to sip my coffee and by far, my favorite would be sitting on a covered outside patio in the midst of a warm sunny day. But in the world of coffeehouses, rarely do such spaces exist and when they do, such wonders are quickly filled by local and traveler alike.

Such seems to be the case of the Santa Monica location of Urth Cafe. The cafe sits in a hopping part of town and resides within one of the more unique buildings I've seen. Not only is the architecture kind of funky, but a good portion extends into a wall-less porch that takes in the California sun wonderfully. All together, the place really pleases the eyes and the amount of people packed into the place really spoke to its popularity.

As far as their coffee and tea, Urth serves only organic and roasts their own coffee. I had the coffee on tap, the Milano, which turned out to have a decent body but also a whole lot of bitterness common to an over-roasted coffee. The espresso didn't work out too well either, as it had decent acidity but also strong flavors of exterior oils. The teas are free leaf.

While sitting down in the lovely cafe would have made my Urth experience a little better (waiting for a table was not an option), I had to go and with only a mediocre coffee experience. Hopefully the day proved just an off experience behind the counter.

Therefore, if you're in Santa Monica and looking for fair coffee in a really nice cafe, stop by Urth Cafe.

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Anonymous said...

This is a fun trip following around a true coffee fanatic! Thanks for the local "flavor" and your sharp perspective on the coffee shops and coffees.