Wednesday, March 18, 2009

CC: Blue Spoon

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Subject: Blue Spoon Coffee Co.
Location visited: Manhattan, NY

Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

I've always been curious what kind of coffee Wall Street traders would drink as they get ready for their crazy days. Fortunately for at least the NYC Financial District, there are a few coffee places relatively close by to grab a quality cup of joe.

One that seems outfitted for the working Manhattan-ite on the go is a place called the Blue Spoon Coffee Company, a small coffeehouse located right on Chambers Street open only during the traditional M-F work week. I had made a few attempts to stop by over the years but since I rarely went up to New York City during the week, stopping in proved difficult.

Finally, I had an excuse one day to stop by early during the rush hour commute of a Monday (which might I add, navigating the subway with that much chaos is no fun) and hence, I wandered over to their shop. The venue sits in a cute cafe with a metal exterior with decent windows and a quaint inside with a good deal of spacious seating for the space.

The coffee comes from Intelligentsia, and from what I understand Blue Spoon stands as one of the first in NYC to peddle the Chicago coffee. I had the Blue Spoon Blend, a coffee that purveyed a fiery spice on the front that ended subtly in rice pudding. The espresso, pulled short and by practiced hands, had sweet notes of strawberries and cream as well strong hints of cocoa. I didn't spot the tea.

As I had been waiting to go to Blue Spoon for a while, I was glad that it delivered on my hopes of it being worth the trip. If you happen to be south in Manhattan during the work week, make a detour to the Blue Spoon Coffee Co.


Elsie said...

Back in the East Coast, huh? I was in NYC last August. I wish I could have visited this lovely little spot. Heck, I didn't even make it downtown. In between D.C. and Boston, I hung out by Penn Station. So, Starbucks was my staple during that time (snore!, I know) but I do love me my Starbucks, and they do have the black and white cookie. Other than that, the most adventurous I got, coffeewise was at the South Station in Boston. I was surprised when the cashier at the donought asked me how I wanted my coffee. There was white, light, medium, dark, and black. Wow. I got dark to go with my Boston cream donought. Also, in Martha's Vineyard, I bought a bottle of Autocrat Premium Coffee syrup to make coffee milk (big in New England). Also, in East Hampton I had a Crumbs cupcake and a cup of so-so gourmet coffee at the famed Golden Pear. I guess I did have a little coffee adventure. Too bad I did not buy any joe at DC Union Station. Sorry for the length of my comment, but I got started on my two passions. TC

Anonymous said...

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