Thursday, October 09, 2008

CC: Manic Coffee

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Subject: Manic Coffee
Location visited: Toronto, ON
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

or the past few weeks I have been going crazy, feeling crushed by an unrelenting sluggishness. Though my routine has been no more difficult, for some odd reason I just feel lethargic. Some would say it's the onset of a cold; others would say that it is the changing of the seasons. And while it could have something to do with the first two (I did have the sniffles recently), I have deduced that it has something more to do with being in a slight directionless spot in my life (i.e. I feel like I'm not hearing/seeing God's directions). Sure it happens, but what confounds me is that despite knowing that I still need to press in/on, I am not making the effort.

Recently though, I caught the winds of some positive change on a trip to Toronto. The weather proved tremendous and the trip allowed for some quiet spiritual discussion as well as some great bonding with the wife. And while it would've seemed wise to avoid anything with a hint of association with mania this trip, I had in my sights anxiously set on a promising coffeehouse called Manic Coffee.

The coffeehouse sits nondescript amidst several other establishments on a main avenue of the city. The exterior is minimalist with a single sharp-looking bench in front of large windows. The interior is long and inviting, with a host of tables and very mellow green walls.

The coffee comes from Intelligentsia and 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters, both well-known, excellent roasters. That day I had the Ethiopian Sidamo via drip, a delightfully lucent and fruity brew. I also observed as I was sipping my drip that they had a "free" Clover, a most welcome sight these days (most of the others are enslaved now to Starbucks...). The barista expertly pulled a doubleshot using 49th's Epic Espresso, a decent espresso that produced flavors ranging from hints of a dry red wine to bittersweet cocoa; overall nice but a tad too dark for my tongue. The tea was free leaf and assorted.

Looking back, I actually left Manic Coffee with a little less mania. All goes to show the power of good coffee. Make sure that if you're in Toronto that you give Manic Coffee a visit.


Anonymous said...

I always feel lethargic during the changing seasons, too. I was amazed to discover this blog and all the various coffee houses you've visited and rated across the nation. I was wondering if you found coffee houses serving Kona coffee. I am from NY and haven't found a coffee house locally that serves it so I order from but it would be nice to have it served to me by someone else...

The Coffee Guru said...

One of my favourite coffee shops in Toronto. My place at the time was just a few shops away from it on College street, so I'd spend many days there studying. It's very cosy! Good choice on the Ethiopian Sidamo!

I noticed you only reviewed 3 coffee shops in Toronto, have you had a chance to check out some of the coffee shops in Kensington Market? Jimmy's Coffee and FIKA are also great, the whole market delivers a very bohemian feel. If you haven't you should definitely check them out!

Cool blog!