Monday, April 28, 2008

CC: Professor Java's Coffee Sanctuary

What's a Coffee Commentary?

Professor Java's Coffee Sanctuary
Location visited: Albany, NY
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 3+ [see key]

Frequently the area around airports has always seemed desolate, without a nice place to wait for someone to arrive except for the shoulder of an off-ramp (especially in Philadelphia). Maybe I've not had much luck in my travels but it seems a watering hole would do well to spring up within five minutes of baggage claim.

It wasn't until recently that my wife and I stumbled upon our first real example of a near-airport oasis so long winded-ly dubbed Professor Java's Coffee Sanctuary. The stand-alone coffeehouse happened to not only be located near the Albany airport, but also right across the street from a few airport hotels.

With very convenient parking in the rear, we made our way in the rear entrance into what appeared to be a converted house. The many rooms with ever so many colored walls and various furniture made for a very eclectic and slightly warm interior. The interior also had enough room for three counters; one for free leaf tea, one for whole bean coffee, and the third for the cafe items (which seemed a little disheveled and messy).

The coffee is roasted in-house (there's a drum roaster in the back) and the professor boasts a decent-sized selection. I had a cup of Monsoon Malabar which sampled smooth with an elegant bright sweetness. The espresso on the other hand was a little rough and sharp, though not bad. The tea is free leaf.

All in all, I'd have to say I was mildly impressed. Professor Java's definitely has the location down and fairly decent drip coffee, but it seems they could do a whole lot more with their products and presentation. I'm no business guru, but a coffeehouse with long hours near a big airport only has areas to improve.


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