Wednesday, April 16, 2008

CC: Milkboy Coffee

What's a Coffee Commentary?

Milkboy Coffee
Location visited: Bryn Mawr, PA
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 5+ [see key]

Proven effectively by the picture above, I need a new camera. The blasted contraption decides to not work at inconvenient times, for example when I try to take the picture above and I have to use my low pixel camera phone instead.

But a broken camera didn't dampen my spirits after a trip to Milkboy Coffee. I had heard that the west-of-Philly company served a good cup of joe, so after a dinner at the relatives-in-law, the wife and I began our hunt.

After a tad more driving then expected we arrived at the Milkboy Acoustic Cafe (i.e. the smaller Bryn Mawr location). The cafe is seemingly part of a large theatre, which really emphasizes the cafe's focus on entertainment (note that good coffee and solid entertainment do not always go hand-in-hand). The interior of the cafe is long; there's a stage in the window for the acoustic performances, a decent amount of bohemian seating in the middle, and an elevated platform with the coffee in the back.

The coffee is Counter Culture, a once rare commodity north of the Mason-Dixon Line until recently. The coffee twas a delicious Honduras coffee that had a good floral body with nice sweetness. The espresso seemed well-pulled and tasted fair; a nice caramely sweetness though it seemed to have a slight bit of char. The tea is Divine Tea and the menu also seems to have decent lunch/snack options.

While I still have yet to visit the Ardmore location, Milkboy seems to be pretty stand up operation (no entertainment pun intended). I'd be curious to see how the place works during performances (if the same quality is there) but all in time I suppose. In the meantime, definitely give it a go for yourself.

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