Tuesday, December 04, 2007

CC: Slow Down Cafe

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Slow Down Cafe
Location visited: Hightstown, NJ
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 3+ [see key]

n all of my days in NJ, I've only once heard of a coffeehouse by name consistently from various people, that place being tucked away in downtown Hightstown (right off the the NJTP) called Slow Down Cafe. I passed it many times (mostly at non-business hours) before I made some stops to try their goods.

The exterior is situated in a very visible spot with plenty of parking around it. The building is an old brick retail establishment, very reminiscent of a city. The inside is pretty cozy, with very eclectic decor and seemingly poor lighting (it always seems dark when I go in). To my understanding, SDC has been around for many days too (some credit for being ahead of their time).

The coffee is roasted in house, with the drip coming off unexciting and fairly bland. The espresso, while seemingly pulled decently, samples charred and none too wonderful. The tea is Tazo, a mediocre selection, but a decent tea.

The poor product coupled with some other observations makes it seem that this pioneer in the center of NJ hasn't kept up with the times or has just lost their drive altogether. I'd say SDC has a lot of potential to make amends, I just pray they do so before they hit hard times. But at the same time, if you're traveling the NJTP, get off at Hightstown and take your coffee break there; tis better then going to a turnpike rest stop.


breadisbest said...

oohh, this is a sad review. i frequent the slowdown and it is always changing, experimenting, trying its best to improve. your assessment is a bit shallow in this regard. like so many small businesses, slowdown has a special place in the community and is always working to hit its stride. and, as an aside, the coffee changes every day and they have more then tazo tea (see divintea - local tea grower).

Anonymous said...

I don't think Bill is condemning the establishment here. I think he's just pointing things out that he has noticed in comparison to other places he has been to. As I have noticed from his other posts, he seems to want places to reach their full potential so I would say he's trying to offer feedback so places like the Slowdown Cafe can reach their full potential.

Anonymous said...

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