Tuesday, December 11, 2007

CC: Kuhlman's Koffee

What's a Coffee Commentary?

Kuhlman's Koffee
Location visited: Nixa, MO
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 3+ [see key]

Ever wonder what it takes to make good business? Well, I don't know the full formula (I know making money is in there somewhere) but I would think being able to find your location of business would be key (unless you're a speak-easy or an exclusive operation). Putting a rental car place far from a major road and opening a coffeehouse in a hidden shopping center seem to be both bad moves.

While I've had no dealings with hard-to-find rental car agencies (yet), I've had a couple interactions with camouflaged coffee establishments. The most recent one was when I was down near Springfield, in the small town of Nixa. I was staying close by with family and as usual, was on the hunt for local brews. Google kicked up one intriguing place called Kuhlman's Koffee apparently right down the road. Normally, I would have just put my computer down and drove right over but since I was with family (who have much less patience for coffee stops) I figured I would need to incorporate it into our drives.

I drove past it 4 times in my searches.

Finally on the 5th and final time, I found it next to the place we had breakfast the day before (I didn't even see it then!) tucked away in a truly small structure in a strip mall. The outside looked very nice with a decent color scheme. The inside was pretty cozy (bout the size of a small trailer), with a central bar and some other seating options about.

Kuhlman's roasts their own and from the looks of the shop and website, they look pretty dedicated. The drip I sampled was ok, with a so-so flavor. The espresso was kinda bland, though it had a nice tang on the back end. Didn't glimpse the tea.

Outside of their seemingly secret location, Kuhlman's looks like it has a bit of promise to it. If you're in town, get directions online as well as the phone number so you can make sure to not miss it.

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