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Friday, November 02, 2007

CP's Top Picks

While I rarely agree with "Best of" articles put out by local papers and periodicals, I usually refer to them to see who was "honored" this time around. But I think I fell in love with CityPaper's truly clever rendition that came out Wednesday, with such categories as "Greatest Advancements in the Field of Mussels" and "Worst Haunt for Nonsmokers." The ones that applied to the coffee and tea arena I've listed below.

Best New Stay-At-Home Dad Destination: InFusion Coffee & Tea Gallery

Greatest Place to Grab a (Yerba) Mate: Premium Steap

Best Suburban Sandwich Stop: Elcy's Coffee House

Most Charming Soy Chai Latte: Walnut Bridge Coffee House

Tastiest Iced Coffee: Beauty Shop Cafe

While I'm always a fan of clever writing, I'm even more of a fan of accurate reviews (!!!!). Though I've only been to one of the places above (InFusion) and attempted to go to another (Premium Steap (can never get there when they're open)), the things they're "best of" are believable unlike the oh so typical "Best Coffeehouse EVER" designation that after a good while loses it's meaning when you give it to such a random assortment of places that have little in common with their best-ness.

Take a gander at the article for yourself!