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Saturday, July 11, 2009

CC: Taste Coffee House

What's does "CC" mean?
Location visited: Newton, MA
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 5+ [see key]

Since I wanted to avoid some needless morning traffic in a recent stay in Boston, I made sure to make my hotel stay right outside the city. Knowing that I had to head west on 90, I found (what turned out to be) a Super 8 not too far from a reputable establishment called Taste Coffee House.

After checking out of the hotel, I made a quick five minute drive to Taste Coffee House, located on a nice open street accompanied by many other small businesses. Taste has a basic tan exterior with a black and yellow sign and a few tables below it. Inside, the shop proved long and cozy, possessing a fair amount of table and bar seating.

The coffee comes from Massachusetts' favorite coffee roaster (or at least what seems to be), Terroir Coffee. From Taste's assortment of pump pots I chose the Taste Coffee House Light blend, a drip that had the taste of sweet tea, bread dough, and hints of almond. The brew all together made for a nice light coffee, though the batch I sampled proved a bit stale (I guess more people picked the dark blend that morning). I also ordered a double espresso, also from Terroir that day (though they do switch up their espresso offerings from other places). The barista pulled two good shots that held delicious complexity; a tang of lemon, tinges of fig, a smooth body and an overall bright oral presence. As for other drinks, the tea is free leaf and they also serve beer and wine.

Quite pleased with my fortunes of both a good hotel and the nearby Taste, I left the coffee house in a most amiable mood. And to make the morning even better, I found a great whoopie pie at the nearby Bread and Chocolate Bakery (not breakfast food, but oh so delicious).

Whether you're driving on a commute out or into Boston, make a stop at Taste Coffee House.

Monday, August 04, 2008

CC: Brew Ha Ha

What's a Coffee Commentary?

Subject: Brew Ha Ha
Location visited:
Watertown, NY
(468 Coffeen St)
Free WiFi ? : no
Rating: 3+ [see key]

ree 411 services sure sound convenient, but aside from the million sales pitches you have to endure to get the information, sometimes the information isn't exactly categorized correctly.

Recently, going through Watertown, I was in dire need of a cup of coffee so I called one of the Free 411 numbers and searched coffeehouses. I was presented with two establishments: Different Drummer and Brew Ha Ha. Different Drummer sounded intriguing (plus only they answered their phone) but it turned out to be a hangout for those in the service that doesn't actually serve beverages (guess it's more a B.Y.O everything). Dejected and with no one picking up at Brew Ha Ha, I decided to just head back on my route.

But what do you know, on my way back to the Interstate I actually run right across Brew Ha Ha. It turned out to be a drive-thru coffee hut resembling a little fairy tale cottage on the corner of a bustling intersection. Naturally, I pulled into the driveway and up to the window.

The coffee served is out of Corning from a place called Soul Full Cup Coffeehouse. The coffee served was the House blend, a very earthy and smooth cup of coffee that really hit the spot at the time. Though I wasn't sure what to expect from the espresso as I've not had the best of luck with drive-thru coffee and espresso, it actually turned out to be fairly decent though a bit overpulled. I did not catch the tea.

While I think Brew Ha Ha could make a few improvements, it was a welcome stop that day. I'd have to say for a drive-thru cafe, it proved decent. So if you happen to be in Watertown and not looking to leave your vehicle to grab your java, give Brew Ha Ha a whirl.