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Thursday, April 30, 2009

CC: Zoka Coffee Roaster and Tea Company

What's does "CC" mean?

Location visited: Seattle, WA
(University Zoka location)

Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

As a rule, every college campus should always have a good coffehouse close by. Sure almost all campuses have coffeehouses near, but it is a rare sight to walk off the University property and in a few short steps, find yourself in a coffee establishment that knows how to pull espresso and serve quality coffee (it's even rarer to find such good coffee on the campus, but that's another rant).

Yet this dilemma does not exist at the University of Washington where Zoka Coffee Roaster and Tea Company has a location right near campus beneath what seemed to be student housing (fortunate souls). The cafe itself is bohemoth, stretching longer than a tour bus and as wide as six team of oxen. The exterior holds basic but inside, the cafe has a nice wood and white theme complete with fireplace in the back, not to mention enough seats to sit the population of Oz (most of the seats were full when I stopped in).

Zoka of course roasts their own coffee, having a famed reputation as one of Seattle's finest. The brew I ingested this particular visit was their Costa Rican, a nice light coffee with hints of bran, cocoa and molasses. The espresso came out wonderfully (due to skilled hands I'm sure), with a pair of short velvety shots that relayed a nice zest and notes of chocolate cake and a touch of honey. The tea is free leaf of their own.

As I sat and finished my espresso, I really felt envious for the many students working so diligently. Not only did they have a mammoth, stylish place to do work and meet with people, but more importantly they can get a real decent cup of coffee without a small road trip. How I wish I had such fortunes when I was a school boy.

Whether you're at the University Zoka location or one of the others, make sure to give Zoka a stop if you're in town.