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Sunday, June 17, 2007

CC: Three Beans Coffee Company

What's a Coffee Commentary?

Three Beans Coffee Co
Location visited:
Haddonfield, NJ

Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 4+ [see key]


The areas right along the Patco line to Philly have really begun to embody what a small town should feel like: a nice main street area with some nice stores, local bistros, and minor recreation for those nice days where one can walk around. Haddonfield's main street (Kings Hwy) has a lot going for it as it has some beautiful history, architecture, and nice places to meander with the only real element lacking is a decent, local coffeehouse.

Fortunately around the corner sits Three Beans Coffee Co, a local operation that has been going strong for some years now. It's located in a largely suburban stretch of road with ample parking all around. The outside has a very nice architecture while the inside holds a bit more of a run down yet tremendously roomy space with full-size kitchen tables (my fiance's loves larger tables) and even a pool table.

The coffee is La Colombe (*yawn*) which delivers a predictable, sub-par taste all too common in the Philly area (tragedy). At the least, the coffee tastes fresh as the baristas keep it moving.

The espresso has been random here as sometimes I'll get an espresso that is pulled well and other times where the shot comes out lousy. My last time (only a week ago) came out decent, with the espresso having a (surprisingly) full body and decent flavor. I forget what tea they serve.

I'd have to say that overall Three Beans stands a decent establishment in the Haddonfield area (though they could still improve in some areas...). As Haddonfield puts on a lot of festivals and decent things to do, make sure to grab your java around the corner when you're in town.