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Monday, July 11, 2016

City of Saints Coffee Roasters

Subject: City of Saints Coffee Roasters
Location: Hoboken, NJ
WiFi?: yes
Rating: 5+ [see key]

While the Hudson River is an easily traversed body of water, it amazes me how few businesses drift across from NYC into NJ. Take for example the coffee situation: New York City literally has hundreds of decent coffee stops, many with multiple locations. Yet, across the river in cities like Jersey City and Hoboken, only a smattering of shops with similar quality have reared their heads, and rarely will a NYC coffee entity open a shop in the lands of Jersey. Sure there's lots of reasons for why this happens, but I'm more interested in the few exceptions to this phenomenon, such as City of Saints Coffee Roasters.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

CC: Legal Beans

What's does "CC" mean?

Legal Beans
Location visited: Hoboken, NJ
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 3+ [see key]

When looking for coffeehouses, I really do depend greatly on tips (the information kind though money is always appreciated). But like all things, most tips come heavily laden with circumstantial and subjective information. For example, a local Mexican place cannot be the bomb diggity simply for wonderful salsa and chips, nor can (should) a coffeehoue pride itself on its extensive selection of flavored coffees.

Hence, when my brother recommended a place called Legal Beans in Hoboken because they had good breakfast, I felt a little hesitant to try it as a morning coffee stop (not to mention, my hermano also doesn't drink coffee). But since we were walking together right by it, I figured I might as well stop and worst case scenario, I could get my morning brew elsewhere.

Legal Beans sits in a nice brick building with nice open windows reflecting on the bustling streets. The interior has a fairly small counter with a huge Manhattan-diner style seating where people were studying (and of course dining) at the many tables around the room.

According to the man working, they roast their own coffee. Intrigued and further interested, I ordered a cup of drip (aka filtered) coffee. Although I forgot at the time to note the origin/blend, it was probably for the best as the coffee was nearly cold and had little flavor aside from a very subtle orange tang in the middle. Served in a paper cup, the espresso was pulled only so-so and had notes of cardboard and slight tinges of vanilla. They serve tea (though I didn't retrieve the type) and true to my brother's recommendation, a full food menu.

To reiterate, in defense of my brother's recommendation, I did not try a single thing he praised. But afterward, I further lamented to him that it's no good for a place to serve decent breakfast food but boring coffee (albeit, thousands upon thousands of breakfast counters STILL serve mediocre coffee).

Therefore, if you're in Hoboken looking for decent breakfast food (according to my brother and some others out there), try Legal Beans.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

CC: Dames Coffee Espresso Bar

Subject: Dames Coffee Espresso Bar
Location visited: Jersey City, NJ
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 5+ [see key]

*Update 3/23/2015*
Changed location to new Jersey City
location. Different ambiance but still Counter Culture and still great coffee.

Until recently, most of my trips to the New York City vicinity involved simply a hike to Manhattan and not much else. But then my brother decided to move to Jersey City and then again to Hoboken, so the next time my whole family decided to visit I made sure to make use of the opportunity to also check out the local coffee.

After a look on cyberspace, I set my aim on what looked like a cute place called Dames Coffee Espresso Bar. The location fortunately proved convenient to a lunch stop in downtown Hoboken and thus, after a nice lunch we all marched down to grab some coffee.

Dames possesses a bright, blue brick exterior with an attractive custom awning that reminds me of a Greek restaurant (probably the font stylings). The interior is cozy; a nice white and blue decor scheme complete with nice chandelier light fixtures and few pieces of seating.

The coffee comes from Counter Culture Coffee, usually a good sign of quality in at least the drip. I purchased a cup of Ethiopian (not sure whether it was the Yirg or the Idido), which embodied a sweet rum taste with a nice acidity, though also a tid bit stale; a decent cup of drip. The espresso, pulled magnificently and short, had a nice white chocolaty taste up front and finished with a pleasant sour note reminiscent of rhubarb. I didn't note the tea.

Thus, the trip to Dames has provided yet another reason to visit the lovely area of Hoboken (as well as me brother). If you're in town, give Dames Coffee Espresso Bar a shot or two.