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Sunday, May 05, 2013

CC: The Pour House

Subject: The Pour House
Location: Dillon, CO
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 4+ [see key]

Most great coffee exists in cities. If you're a city dweller, that's a great thing; if you're confined to suburbia or rural lands, it can be tumultuous. Sadly, in my travels great coffee seldom appears in small towns and hamlets.

But when it does, it's a cause of excitement. While I was on the road in Colorado, I came across a place called the Pour House in Dillon. Located a bit off the main track in a small, rustically-chic shopping center, the Pour House was a perfect stop for me before I hit the road. Walking inside, the decor is much more traditional, with great local art, colorful walls and a nice airiness about the space.

The coffee comes from Colorado's Elevation Coffee Traders, a new roaster to me that I had heard little of prior. I ordered an espresso (blend unnamed) and a drip of an Ethiopian light roast. The espresso, pulled medium/long with a thick brown crema in a really hot cup, held notes of tobacco, milk chocolate, lime rind, a little cream and light bits of paper; a fair pull of a dark-noted coffee with decent sweet notes. The Ethiopian by contrast was light and fluffy, purveying blueberry, scone, peanut, sesame and butter within a light body, proving overall richly flavorful.

While my espresso was not the greatest, my overall experience was nothing "pour." If you're in town or in need of a good coffee stop off Rt 6 or I-70, make a stop at the Pour House.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

CC: Sweetwater Coffee

What's a Coffee Commentary?

Sweetwater Coffee
Location visited: Dillon, MT
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 3+ [see key]

Small towns have a certain charm to them, but growing up in the crowded East, I don't think I ever really got to truly see a small town until I went west, where in some places in New Mexico and Nevada there stands only one main road through all of town and you can take the tour in about 10 minutes.

Of all the west, Montana is the state that I have by far visited the most small towns, some of them more like a NJ rest stop then a town while others do hold a bit of charm. On one particular road trip through the lovely state of Montana south to Idaho, a colleague and I stopped in one such described-charming place that's home to some mutual good friends, a town called Dillon.

Arriving in town early in the mid-morning, Dillon qualified as a good coffee stop, especially because my one friend raves about one specific establishment called Sweetwater Coffee. And as any good friend would, I made a bee line for the venue in the heart of Dillon (it's near city hall, I recall).

To say the the least, the outside failed to blow me away, with a very industrial, bleh-looking building with but a small (by comparison to the backdrop) circular sign. The inside fortunately was a whole lot warmer and enticing, with very bohemian, mis-matched furniture as well as some interesting local art. The place seemed to be a local hangout for people of all ages (even though not many people seemed to be around at 10 AM this particular Thursday).

They serve only espresso (only americanos for the usual drip/press coffee drinkers) with their espresso blend being Montana Coffee Trader's French Roast. The doubleshot I had was a bit sharp with an ok acidity, but nothing amazing. The barista, who was very amiable, seemed to know what she was doing but as I was a bit scatterbrained that morning, I failed to note her skills. Also, didn't note the tea but I did observe that they do offer hot lemonade (new one to me), and though it was tempting, I didn't want to leave on a sour note (haha, get it?).

Overall, Dillon proved favorable and Sweetwater satisfactory. I would say my friend gave a fair recommendation as Sweetwater may not be the best coffeehouse EVER, but for a small town it's a nice operation. For those in Dillon or passing through: if you try the hot lemonade, let me know how you like it.