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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

CC: Mishka's Cafe

What's a Coffee Commentary?

Mishka's Cafe
Location visited:
Davis, CA

Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 3+ [see key]

The other day I was thinking of how much I miss California and how I would love to take a trip back soon. A couple months back I had visited some friends in Davis, CA and while in the area made several trips to nearby Sacramento and San Francisco. But I must say for what Davis lacks in skyscrapers, it sure makes it up in coolness. Never in all of my days have I visited as nice a town (and college) as Davis. I don't know if my perception was jaded due to the lovely weather and wonderful company, but I do plan on revisiting.

Like any cool town, Davis has its share of coffee establishments and cafes. But in all my time there, I really heard absolutely no recommendations for any place besides Mishka's Cafe, a rather odd-sounding name for a coffeehouse but eh, the more eclectic the better in my mind.

After scouting it out, I found a bright orange awninged shop looking a little old school in that we-know-it-looks-tacky-but-we-like-it manner with scattered outside seating to take in that lovely Cali weather. The inside was something else all together, as it looked more like a high school experiment to pack as many laptops as possible in the space available (talk about efficient seating).

According to their website, the coffee is roasted in-house on "an
old and finicky Diedrich roaster." The coffee sampled decent; nothing amazing but not bad either. The espresso was similar in that it had a nice taste but definitely was lacking. The one sad aspect of their espresso was that besides offering their own espresso roast, they also pull shots of Illy, a mediocre Italian coffee that fails to give props to its rich national heritage.

Looking back, Mishka's does a good job in satisfying most of the locals but as far as California coffeehouses they have much work to do (especially with Temple and Infusion so close in Sacramento). Nonetheless, if in town and you're in need of a decent cup, hit Mishka's up.