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Sunday, December 05, 2010

CC: Cupcake Royale/Verite Coffee

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Location visited: Seattle, WA
[Pike St location]
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Personally, I have never been a big fan of cupcakes. In my youth, they were the cheap and easy-maintenance solution for birthday parties or classroom festivities. Sure I never turned one down, but I never had one that made me crave another.

That changed with my visit to Cupcake Royale and Verite Coffee in Seattle. Always curious of venues doing more then the normal coffeehouse routine, I slotted the dynamic duo of cupcakes and coffee for a pleasant after-dinner treat one fine Saturday eve.

Sauntering up to their neon-lit storefront, I peered in through their huge windows to the bustling interior. The cafe consists of a large, white counter smack in the middle, with seating and nifty portraits surrounding.

The coffee served is Stumptown, with both the espresso and the drip that night being Hairbender. The espresso, pulled short with nice crema, had flavors of sweet cocoa, whiskey, cherry, a little saltiness and a little tobacco (overall a good showing). The drip was a little stale but still provided a decent cup, with notes of honey, beef broth, black tea and a bit of tobacco. I did not note the tea but as I hinted above, my cupcake sent ripples of euphoria through my nervous system (I would have had another, had I the strength).

To put it mildly, I relished my cupcake and coffee experience, with the staleness in the drip being my only criticism. If you happen to be in Seattle and in need of a cupcake and coffee, stop in to Cupcake Royale and Verite Coffee.