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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mugged: Nicaragua COE [Oren's Daily Roast]

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Oren's Daily Roast
Coffees Mugged:
Cup of Excellence Los Achiote
Rating: 4+
[see key]

iven the constant coverage of coffee in New York City these past years (such as $12 cups of coffee, Westerners bringing their roasting operations east, etc.), it's easy to forget about places that have been in the area for much longer then New York's late-coming obsession of quality coffee.

I got a shipment from Oren's Daily Roast, a coffee company that's been around since the 1980s and remains a place that I've managed to miss in my occasional rushings around the city (busyness tis a poor excuse). Of the brace of coffees sent, I spun the proverbial wheel of destiny (I spin it for such occasions) and began with Oren's Cup of Excellence from Nicaragua Los Achiotes.

I kicked it off with a filtered brew of the coffee. The result displayed a saucy, rock candy, IPA-ish coffee with bits of caramel, nougat and some wheat grass. A good cup with a bit of a bitter aspect.

The french press was darker, producing a whiskey-esque bitterness and sweetness, some dark chocolate, a little hops, a little grass (less then the drip) and a tiny bit of tea rose. More bitterness and a heavier body in this infusion.

The siphon birthed a more of a caramel, bran-like child with the sauciness of the drip as well as the flavors of wheat grass, nuts, hops and grapes. The least bitter and smoothest of the three methods.

Overall the coffee held to a good quality, though it didn't really strike me as Cup of Excellence level product (for me, the bitter and saucy facets weren't the most enjoyable). Nonetheless, if you're aiming to try one of Oren's Daily Roasts, take a crack at this COE from Nicaragua.

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

CC: Think Coffee

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Think Coffee
Location visited: Manhattan, NY
1 Bleeker St
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 5+ [see key]

What really ensures a student's success? Is it wise counsel? Do the academic courses really mean that much? Realistically, I feel that all of those have importance but on the other hand, a college student really needs good coffee and a nice place to study.

Yeah, I know that's probably not totally true (though I needed those two things). But nonetheless thousands of students sip gallons of mediocre joe and study in boring drab rooms, and many of them still fall short of amazing.

If only more amazing coffeehouses would come to the aid of the students! With that cry deep in my heart, I embarked to examine a coffeehouse known to supply NYU students with decent nectar and beautiful ambiance, a place called Think Coffee. Sure I had heard not as glamorous feedback as well, but the place had some merit for at least a look.

Think possesses quite the unusual look for a Manhattan business (at least in my experience) in that it had a large stoop with plants placed on either side and a snazzy awning to boot. Inside, I fell in love with their high ceilings (with tremendous lighting), various environments of space and their fantastic array of furniture.

Most of the coffee hails from Porto Rico Importing Company, a coffee company that's been around for some time in the area but has not made any significant waves recently. But to my delight, Think Coffee also brews two self-roasted Cup of Excellence coffees on drip. Not in a gambling mood, I went for the Nicaraguan COE via drip. The brew presented light floral notes, tastes of strawberries and an overall nice somberness to it that made for a nice afternoon cup (wouldn't really pack the punch necessary for a morning pot). The espresso, pulled short, smacked of bittersweet cocoa, some nutmeg and a very full taste; good overall shots. The tea is free leaf of various kinds and Think also serves wine and beer (on tap!).

Meandering off afterwards, I greatly envied the many students cuddled up with their Calculus and their Aristotle in the warm embrace of Think Coffee. Not only do they have many great coffeehouses around Manhattan to choose from, but they also have a great one on their doorsetp.

In my opinion, a stop below Washington Square Park deserves a stop at Think Coffee.