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Thursday, May 25, 2006

CC: Cosi

What's a Coffee Commentary?

Subject: Cosi
Location visited: Philadelphia, PA (15th and Locust)
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 1+ [see key]

Yet another example of a corporate giant (trying) to take over Philly. I've had several java experiences at Cosi (even before when they were XandOs) and every time, it's either uber weak or charcoaled-disgustingness. Recently, I stopped in around 10:30 pm with some friends (nothing else was really open) and I was really hoping for a good cup of evening java. Not wanting to chance getting charred coffee, I went for a latte. Served up in a soup bowl of a 20 oz. mug, it tasted like hot milk with some coffee residue. After inquiring our server, I find out that they only add two shots of espresso to a 20 oz latte! For you chocolate milk fans, that's the equivalent of tan-colored milk. Bleh.

The tea, well, according to their website, they don't even have tea. They do have chai, but I never tried it. Can't say I'd want to get a chai at a place that has no hot tea options (just doesn't feel right).

But Cosi's redeeming quality is that they have good sandwhiches and smores (though very pricy). Overall, I would only recommend the joint to someone looking for an overpriced sandwhich or someone with a craving for smores.

Definately not worth it for the coffee or espresso (and I'm guessing the same goes for chai). Especially in Philly, there are much better places to spend your $.