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Monday, May 15, 2006

CC: Corvoca Coffee

What's a Coffee Commentary?

Subject: Corvoca Coffee
Location visited: Deptford, NJ
Free Wifi: no
3+ [see key]

*Updated 5/29/09

Another exotic treat to the South Jersey area: a drive-thru coffee bar. This place I was introduced to by a friend, though I didn't believe him at first. I've heard of drive-thru espresso before but never in our region.

So my friend guides me there (it was a little off my beaten path), to Cooper St in Deptford, next to the Burger King and down the road from the Deptford mall. I had to admit that the grab-and-go aspect is nice, especially since this place is kind-of on the way to my parents as well as down the street from my girlfriend's.

Having spoken with the owner a bit, he seems to know his stuff. Though the drive-thru feature makes it hard to get to really know employees, they mostly seem to know what they're doing. The espresso beverage quality is decent, though I have an espresso-wise friend who doesn't really care for their espresso (you'll have to be the judge). Oddly, I've never had their coffee (a phenomenon I'm not sure I can explain) so I can't really comment on it and the tea is Tazo (a good choice).

Overall, I would recommend the place if you're ever near Deptford (though you might need to get directions from the website). It's quick, convenient (pretty broad hours though no late-nights), and the quality seems to be a priority. In an area oddly lacking decent coffee houses (one recently closed down near by), Corvoca is a welcome sight.

Updated 5/29/09

This update is part of my going back through and updating many of my earlier posts that have not the same criteria that I currently look for. Corvoca overall has a leaning towards a dark coffee that proves bitter more often than flavorful. The espresso has been in my experience long shots and over-pulled. I will probably update this again soon as I have not been in some time.