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Monday, July 19, 2010

CC: Penny University

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Unique ideas often come with unique possibilities. When Square Mile Coffee opened up new kind of coffee venue, one centered on the coffee like a Porsche in a showroom, it definitely made for a new concept. Instead of patrons coming to a cafe for a quick cup-to-go or to sit and utilize the WIFI, this venue would expertly showcase coffee much like a Magic Bullet commercial (just replace the corny "1...2....3" sales pitch with pure coffee nerd-dom).

This new type of coffee display was dubbed the Penny University, situated in a small retail space in Shoreditch where the furniture was minimal and the coffee is all infused sans-espresso machine (i.e. they filter, siphon...just not espresso). Upon my visit, the place was brimming much more like a cocktail party, with the patrons energetically engaging the baristas in coffee banter (versus the typical keep-to-yourself environment of a cafe).

After studying my options, I caught a barista's attention and ordered a filtered cup (brewed in a Hario) of La Linda Tolima from Colombia. It was made with great care and then with additional grace, was presented in a perfectly-sized glass carafe with a ceramic cup. I noted some nice chocolate flavors, a little caramel apple, some grass, cashew and a bit of cream. The coffee proved deliciously balanced and well-infused.

As for other coffee options, they do different brew methods and also offer a plethora of coffee merchandise (including whole beans) but as I mentioned, they don't do espresso.

Yet as with most rarities, the Penny University will be disappearing as of July 30, 2010. As hinted in the press release, it seems this concept may resurface elsewhere but the current incarnation will definitely expire in but a few days. I simply thank my fortunes that within the limited window of their 3 month existence, I was able to sample the spectacle.

Thus, keep an eye peeled for Square Mile Coffee happenings and in the meantime, try out one of the many cafes in London brewing or pulling shots of Square Mile.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mugged: 100% Colombian Supremo [Don Francisco]


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Don Francisco's Coffee
Coffees Mugged:
100% Colombian Supremo
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any people seem to mix up Juan Valdez and Conchita (his faithful donkey) with a certain coffee giants. I can hardly blame people for the mistake as I myself fell prey to the confusion that some coffee commercials display when they have a Valdez-ian figure promote their product. But the truth exists that Juan is the symbol for Colombian-produced coffee and has no ties (I believe) to certain companies.

Accordingly, I was happy to see Juan and Conchita on a bag of 100% Colombian from Don Francisco. This particular bag was one of their whole bean coffees that like their Kona, seemed to have promise of potential.

I broke the beans into the usual three types of brews (drip, french press and siphon) and here follows the results.

The french press displayed a bright Fiji apple, minestrone, a bit of cocoa powder, nuttiness, a little wheat and some sweetness. The coffee really displayed a light body and a tremendously smooth cup.

The drip had a similar result with lots of initial brightness, some sweet wheat, undertones of cocoa powder, a little lemon and nuttiness. Still a great, light-bodied coffee.

Keeping it consistent, the siphon held the same apply brightness, some light grass, cocoa and nuttiness. The body here was a little more tea-like but still had the same kick and delicious qualities.

While I'm sure Juan and Conchita will have their faces slapped on many other Colombian coffees, I think that they both would be proud to be featured on this bag. If you happen to be looking for a good Colombian, give this coffee from Don Francisco a sip.

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.