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Thursday, August 05, 2010

CC: Climpson and Sons

What's does "CC" mean? Location visited: London, UK
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Market day is one of my favorite days. I'm no expert as to the frequency of markets all over the UK, but there sure seemed like a lot of street markets in London, and I basked in every second I had in them.

Climpson and Sons, a London coffee roaster and cafe that carries on the name of an old butcher operation,
happened to be located in the bustling Broadway Market. I made my way there amidst intermittent drizzle and the enterprising stalls to their jam-packed cafe on a warm Saturday afternoon. The interior utilized every ounce of seating room as possible (inside and out) and had a simple yet sharp overall feel to it.

Given the culture in London coffeehouses to stick primarily to espresso, Climpson serves up a large series of espresso-based drinks but not the other types of coffee infusions (to my knowledge at least). I ordered an espresso, pulled short and with a good head of crema, that held notes of sour lemon, a bit of cocoa, creamy hints of raspberry, rye bread, sesame and a little bitterness. My only slight concern was that the espresso seemed pulled a little too hot (temperature) and the espresso was served in a paper cup (since it was market day, the given volume prohibits house glasses to be of much use); neither truly abhorrent signs but still, slight detractions from the experience. I failed to note the tea.

Despite the wondrous Broadway Market experience, I kind of wish I had come on a non-market day as I feel it would have been better with less people coursing by and in the cafe. Plus, their whole bean coffee on their shelves looked delicious and I really would have loved to try some of their coffees out via non-espresso means.

Thus, if you're in the city, stop into Climpson and Sons.