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Friday, June 22, 2007

CC: Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasters

What's a Coffee Commentary?

Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasters
Location visited:
Boise, ID

[Capital location]
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 1+ [see key]

Boise has to be one of the more surprising towns in Idaho. While Coeur D'Alene was my favorite, Boise comes in a close second (Coeur D'Alene's built on the side of a beautiful mountain with a gorgeous lake right below). But what made Boise such a surprise was the ambient downtown area with a nice selection of good places to grab lunch on an outside patio. They also "seemed" to have a decent selection of coffee in the downtown.

But oh, how I wasted my coffee stop on Thomas Hammer Coffee, a chain out of Spokane, Washington that looks more like something Target shot out in its spare time. The place looked good enough on the corner right across from the Capital area with a snazzy, corporate look on the inside but the appearances were so deceiving.

The coffee is roasted up in Spokane and from the look and taste, they're fans of over-roasting (when your website has to advertise which coffees are "smooth", it's a bad sign in my estimation). The coffee I sampled wasn't horrific, but it definitely lacked tasted and quality.

The espresso on the other was horrific, as the barista seemed to be fresh off the assembly line with not a real clue on how to pull a decent shot (really, really overpulled). On the note of the barista on duty, one should not work alone if one does not know how to make everything on the menu (especially one of your signature drinks!).

Succinctly said, don't waste your time with Thomas Hammer.