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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CC: Atomic Cafe

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Atomic Cafe
Location visited: Beverly, MA
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It is not often I get to have a good meal with a distant friend; it always seems that you see old pals in large groups so catching up is hard. Yet occasionally I find circumstances that allow for a more low-numbered rendezvous, such as in my latest trip to Boston, as I was elated to get together with an old pal who happens to be a fellow coffee fanatic.

We decided to meet for lunch and coffee at a place not far from his routine, a place called Atomic Cafe. The entity has been on my radar for a while but circumstances often prevented the visit, so I was pleased with the choice at least for the coffee (I had heard nothing of their food, but I'll risk it).

That early afternoon, we (my wife and two other friends also attended) pulled into a metered street spot and made our way to the red awning of Atomic Cafe. The interior is comfy, with booths straight ahead, tables throughout (outside as well) and a large bustle of people all nestled in (what I recall as) a sea of red and slightly retro decor.

Atomic roasts their own and given the vast array of sitting pump pots, I chose a coffee from Bali, a bright coffee thick with apple and molasses, a dash of nutmeg, the essence of mojito and some sweet cream on the end; to put it simply, a good cup. For the espresso, you can pick one of their three espresso blends, and based on my friend's recommendation, I chose their Cosmopolitan. On the surface, the shots were pulled short and had decent crema whereas underneath, it embodied a zesty lemon, cinnamon, cranberry and fairly strong bitterness (a little too much bitterness it seemed), all with a little milk chocolate on the end. The tea is Mighty Leaf.

Given the experience, I must say I was satisfied with the rendezvous. My lunch was appetizing, the banter of old friends was well-received and the coffee operation seemed pretty on target.

If you're in the North Shore area, give Atomic Cafe a go.