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Sunday, August 08, 2010

CC: 21st Street Coffee and Tea

What's does "CC" mean? Location visited: Pittsburgh, PA
Free WiFi ? : yes
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Pittsburgh's Strip area was something that came up regularly on my "things to do" search for the town and hence, it didn't take long for me to wander down. To add some pep to my step, I had bookmarked local coffee entity 21st Street Coffee and Tea into the sights amidst the once-industrial, now retail-focused area.

21st Street sits in a two-story corner shop across from a huge church and adjacent to a mighty fine doughnut shop. The shop on the inside is narrow but the space is well utilized, with a long counter and limited seating on the first floor and a really nifty loft on the second story (on a side note, it is cafes like this one, where options are limited, that nifty results really shine).

They serve up Intelligentsia, offering a Clover as well as your other traditional infusion-ary options. I ordered a cup of the La Machete Panama via their Clover and the fancy machine (steered by the barista of course) presented a coffee containing some green apple, cloves, a tea-esque quality, carrot, earthiness, kettle chip and grass. I also got an espresso of the La Finca Pino pulled splendidly (the barista pulled two calibrating shots before I got my espresso), with flavors of chocolate chip cookie, salt, root beer, lemon and pineapple amidst a short/medium pull with good crema. Throughout, my coffee was glorious. The tea is free leaf.

Adding the original Primanti Brothers to the nearby neighbors, I really relished the 21st Street Coffee experience for both its coffee and location. When in town, give the Strip and 21st Street a stop.