Sunday, April 09, 2017

Mugged: Great Circle

Subject: Great Circle Coffee
Coffees Mugged and Rating [see key]
- Ichamara Kenya 5+
- Pixcaya Guatemala 5+

It was not long ago that a quality cup of coffee in Miami would be something one would be hard-pressed to locate, especially at a trusted shop in the area. But over the last 7 years, the coffee scene has taken hold in southeast Florida and the number of excellent purveyors of coffee in the region has steadily increased. One roaster to recently cross my path is an establishment called Great Circle out of Miami, and while I have not visited them in person yet, I was recently sent out two of their coffees to take for a spin at home through pourover, french press and siphon.

First to bat was the Ichamara, a coffee from the Nyeri region of Kenya, a locale that has been pushing out some great coffee this past year. Via pourover, the coffee brimmed with raspberry, oatmeal cookie, cream, kiwi and buttered sesame seed bread within a medium body. The french press proved a little richer, with notes of caramel, raspberry, cream, fresh chocolate chip cookies and romaine. The siphon rounded out infusions with heavy caramel and cream, blueberry, sesame seeds, raisins, romaine and mozzarella. All around, a bubbly, fruity coffee with rich dessert-esque components. 

Next up was the Pixcaya, a fully washed Guatemalan coffee grown on a family farm. My pourover ranneth over with chocolate, fig, walnuts, rhubarb, nutmeg and light cream. The french press proved similarly sweet doling out chocolate, cream, walnuts, light melon, celery soup and light cookies in a medium body. My favorite of my infusions was the siphon, with prominent notes of chocolate, cream, almond sugar cookie and apple. In summation, a nutty, creamy coffee with lots of rich flavors. 

Great Circle has certainly laid down a well-rounded coffee presence in Miami. Thus whether you live in the area or you're on the looking out for a new roaster to try, give Great Circle a try. 

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.

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Madison said...

What a detailed and evocative review, I feel like I have tasted the coffee myself, thanks for sharing! The blends Great Circle sent you sound like very unique, well proportioned blends. The Siphon sounds especially tasty, a good creamy coffee is hard to beat. With the siphon, how do you think it's best prepared, as an espresso, late etc? It sounds like it would work well in a mocha, or an iced coffee.