Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mugged: Bloom Coffee Roasters

Subject: Bloom Coffee Roasters
Coffees Mugged and Rating [see key]:
- Ethiopia Ayele Dula 5+
- Kenya Chania Estate 5+

In the northern expanse of Michigan, a solid coffee is one of the best tools to survive the long winter. Naturally, Michigan has its share of coffee roasters, but only a few really deserve your money. Fortunately for the consumer, these roasters really work hard to keep the lower mitten and upper peninsula of Michigan well-stocked.

One roaster relatively new to the region is Bloom Coffee Roasters located out of Old Town Lansing. Recently they sent out two of their coffees to my doorstep for my perusal: their Ethiopia Ayele Dula and Kenya Chania Estate. Each coffee I sampled via pourover, french press and siphon.

Going alphabetically, I started with the Ethiopian. The pourover sang of chocolate milk, bran, berry, bell pepper, apple, sweet corn and macadamia nut in medium body. The french press belted out almond milk, blackberry, chocolate, bran, sweet corn and spinach, making for a nutty, bright cup in a thick body. The siphon was a nuanced, sweet infusion full of almond milk, chocolate, blueberry, apple and buttermilk biscuit. All together, a rather sweet coffee with a nutty, bright sweetness in a sturdy body. 

The Kenya also proved similarly tasty, though slightly more savory all around. The pourover infusion displayed pear, roast chicken, dates, black cherry, thyme and light molasses in a medium/heavy body. The french press came out a touch sweeter, with notes of pear, cherry syrup, vanilla, thyme, dates and cream. The siphon made for the sweetest (and least savory) of the three, with ample pear, cherry, dates, vanilla wafer and milk in a medium body. 

While I typically like my African coffees a little more delicate and fruity, Bloom Coffee Roasters produced two coffees that brought the sweet brightness alongside a deeper flavor profile without going dark. Thus, if you seek good coffee out of central Michigan, check out the many beans coming from Bloom Coffee Roasters. 

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.


Molly said...

What a fab read, thanks for furthering my knowledge of coffee!

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