Monday, December 14, 2015

Mugged: Petra Roasting Co.

Subject: Petra Roasting Co.
Coffees Mugged and Rating [see key]:
- Ethiopia Hunkute 6+
- Kenya Githiga AA 6+
- Acme Harman 5+

Nearly every part of the world has a customary way to prepare coffee. Naturally in Istanbul, many citizens still look to a piping hot cup of Turkish coffee using a method that has been honed over the centuries. Prepared in an cezve/ibrik using finely-ground coffee, it's something all coffee drinkers should try at one point. 

Yet like all methods of coffee brewing, the coffee tastes best if it's well-roasted and fresh. Thus if one happens to be seeking a top-notch bag of coffee in the vicinity of the Bosphorus Strait, they need look no further than Petra Roasting Company. A relatively new roaster (established in 2013), Petra is bringing quality coffee to the city, whether you want your coffee in a Chemex at one of their shops or whole bean to be brewed at home. 

Fortunately for me, I had a brother passing through Istanbul recently and he came home bearing three bags of whole bean coffee: Petra's Ethiopia Hunkute, Kenya Githiga AA and Acme Harman. Not wanting to pass on this rare opportunity, I made sure to treasure my infusions as I sampled all three via pourover, french press and siphon.

The Acme Harman, a coffee blend used for their espresso, started me off. The pourover smacked of apple pie, raisin, cream, romaine, a bit of fresh celery, root beer and nougat within a medium body. The french press delivered similarly, with raisins, apple, nougat, cream, romaine, beef bouillon and root beer in a medium/heavy body. The siphon completed the trifecta, with very consistent flavors of apples, raisins, cream, nougat, romaine and root beer in a medium body. In totality, a sweet, thick coffee with lots of deep sweetness. 

The Ethiopia Hunkute marched forth next. The pourover resonated with black cherry, milk chocolate, sourdough, apple, nutmeg and buttered scone, sequencing a notably bright, delicate brew. The french press held further nuance and sweetness, full of cherry, mango, milk chocolate, nutmeg, apricot tart and slight sauerkraut. The siphon made for the most savory and deep of the three infusions, with notes of milk chocolate, black cherry, puffed pastry, cream, a little rosemary and dates. All together, a multi-faceted coffee that captured my intrigue and admiration.

The Kenya Githiga AA finished the series with a bang. The pourover trumpeted out nectarine, grape tomato, thyme, caramel and pie crust making for a sweet, fruity and smooth brew. With even stronger zest and juicy resolve stampeded the french press, full of toffee, grape tomato, peach, basil, brioche and pie crust. The siphon made for the sweetest, pushing peach, tomato, almond butter, caramel, cheese cake and lettuce in a medium body. My final thoughts: a tremendously flavorful Kenyan that brought plenty of nectar to the table. 

Needless to say, Petra definitely impressed me with their beans. The next time you happen to be in the neighborhood of Istanbul, make sure to stop by the ancient city for some delicious coffee from Petra Roasting. 


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Carrie said...

Its really nice to hear how other people from different places are enjoying their cup of coffee. It sounds like the Turkish culture of drinking ibrik brewed coffee is fun and perhaps worth trying out when I go back to Istanbul. I've also tasted Kenyan coffee and the wine-like taste is just awesome.
Thanks for sharing the post.

Carrie @

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