Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fill in the Coffee Map - Next Leg

With the great response to the last Fill in the Coffee Map leg, the series is making its second go. We'll be heading out to new places and giving quality coffee establishments lots of limelight, adding bright, shiny pins to the coffee map.

Similar to the the past FitCM campaign, it will be brought to you in part by the aid of sponsors. To clearly designate their assistance, at the bottom of each post will be their banners highlighting their aid in helping fund the costs of acquiring/producing this content. Of course, I can fully assure you that content is still 100% my own and remains completely uninfluenced by anyone. The sponsors only helped me get to these coffeehouses, and no sponsor had any knowledge of or input on any content whatsoever (I say all of this as I am a huge proponent of transparency, and thus I wanted to emphasize the role of my sponsors and that the Pure Coffee Blog still only operates in the realm of objectivity).

Speaking of sponsors, here are my current Fill in the Coffee Map sponsors that have helped very much in the obtainment of some great content:

Great Infusions is the premier importer of authentic Italian IPA espresso cups in the U.S. They supply homes and businesses with quality coffee equipment barista gear and a variety of excellent small wares. In their home town of Santa Cruz CA they are a resource for service and repairs for both home and business equipment.

The Coffee Dispatch
Take the guess work out of finding great coffee with our 3 box options featuring Kansas City's artisan coffee roasters. Coffees are shipped within 2 days of roasting for maximum freshness. Recurring subscribers experience a wide variety of coffees from each roaster and enjoy free shipping in the contiguous United States! Cancel at any time.

Andres Berrio - Voice Actor
In need of a world class voice to put behind your product? Look no further. Andres Berrio is a perfect fit for your vocal needs. Come hear what irresistible sounds like.

Stay tuned for some new adventures and some great coffee additions to the map! For more on the Fill in the Coffee Map campaign's history and inner-workings, check out this post.

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