Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Survival Coffee: Kyocera Grinder

The more Hollywood generates post-apocalyptic glimpses to the unfortunate lifestyle of a world battling zombies or simply recovering from a nuclear winter, the more easily spooked people seem to get about encountering such cataclysmic events. To this swirly pool of somewhat-justified paranoia I would like to add the question: how will you make a good cup of coffee when disaster strikes?

It's this question that has often knocked on my cranial front door like a girl scout in a retirement village. Sure anyone can heat water with fire and brewing is a snap even if you must resort to a rough version of a pourover or french press (or even using a clean sock). But grinding a consistent grind is nigh impossible without a burr grinder, and if you don't have a manual grinder, you'll find yourself begrudgingly crunching your beans down with a pestle.

This is but one reason why it's important for all coffee consumers to own a portable hand grinder. The overlords of Thinkgeek couldn't agree more and they provide a grinding favorite of theirs, the Kyocera Ceramic Grinder, to their patrons for such purposes. As someone who has had limited use of the Kyocera, I was permitted to take one out and about, to see how it weathers on the road.

The grinder makes for extremely easy utilization. The ceramic burrs can be easily adjusted at the top of the grinder (making for easier mid-grind adjustments) and the handle makes for little effort in turning (plus it's quickly removable for travel). The base is heavy glass, which though it might break in the heat of fleeing zombies, it is apparently replaceable with any pint-sized mason jar. I found the grinds fairly consistent (as compared to my Baratza) and the volume of beans which the Kyocera can grind at a single fill is high enough to satiate most brewing demands.

All together, I was pleased with the Kyocera and would strongly recommend it or a similar grinder for travel, camping or post-apocalyptic life. Its general ease of use and consistency in coffee grinds make it great for life on the move and/or weeks without electricity.

note: grinder was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.

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