Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fill in the Coffee Map!

Over the past 8 years of its life, the Pure Coffee Blog has existed to mine out and celebrate great coffee establishments all over the globe. In the beginning, much of my content was local, basically the Philadelphia area. Then I moved out west, and from there I used every opportunity no matter where I roamed to go out of my way and find as many great coffeehouses as possible. Today, I can claim to have visited tons of superb coffeehouses (check out the map), performing all of these expeditions as the efforts of fanatical passion and zeal, to not only experience it myself, but also to give some media attention, no matter how small, to coffee places doing things right.

But despite my zealous efforts, there are still a lot of places I have still not been able to visit. I am but one man with limited time and capital, and naturally it's tough to keep up with the growing bloom of quality establishments. Especially with my current goal to make it to every worthwhile coffee establishment (possible) in my lifetime, I decided to get more purposeful and pointed in my efforts to make known great coffee.

To better accomplish this end, I have instigated the Fill in the Coffee Map series. These posts will still consist of mining out top-notch coffee establishments in my travels, but there will be two major differences from my past content. The first is that these posts will be a touch beefier in content and more proliferate in pictures, both requests I have received over the years. The second difference is that I have sought sponsors to help me get to more places in a shorter time, a wondrous solution to the issue of self-funding many of the past trips. Where often prior coffeehouse hunts were time-restricted offshoots of family vacations or business trips, some simple sponsorship has allowed me to dedicate more time to the chief goal of discovering and writing about the quality coffee establishments of the land.

Thus, in the Fill in the Coffee Map posts, you will see a section at the bottom of each post highlighting said sponsorship. Of course, I can fully assure you that content is still 100% my own and remains completely uninfluenced by anyone. The sponsors only helped me get to these coffeehouses, and no sponsor had any knowledge of or input on any content whatsoever (I say all of this as I am a huge proponent of transparency, and thus I wanted to emphasize the role of my sponsors and that the Pure Coffee Blog still only operates in the realm of objectivity).

Speaking of sponsors, here are my current Fill in the Coffee Map sponsors that have helped very much in the obtainment of some great content:

Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau
Time and time again, visitors are delightfully surprised by what Columbia has to offer. From picturesque parks and clever cuisine to amazing art and superb shopping, visitors find that Columbia is ‘more than a college town’ and‘surprisingly sophisticated.’ Columbia has the feel of a cool neighborhood in a big city, with a young vibe, an active buzz and an engaged community.

Prima Coffee Equipment
Prima stands as great specialty coffee equipment supplier based out of Louisville, Kentucky. From their inception, they have set out to make the best coffee brewing equipment available to the general public. Whether it be espresso machines, manual brewing devices, or general coffee shop needs, they seek to pursue the most innovative coffee products both domestic and abroad to offer their customers.

Springfield Missouri Convention and Visitors Bureau
With more than 420,000 people in the metro area and millions of tourists each year, Springfield is rich with interesting and entertaining attractions, more than 6,300 hotel rooms, more than 800 dining options and a variety of shopping and cultural activities.

Stay tuned for some new adventures and some great coffee additions to the map!

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