Friday, May 24, 2013

CC: Yeti's Grind

Subject: Yeti's Grind
Location: Vail, CO
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 5+ [see key]

If you're looking for a breathtaking highway drive, take I-70 through western Colorado. Few roads are so beautifully boxed in by gorgeous mountain scenery on practically all sides. One opportune stop along the route sits the tourist-centered town of Vail, a must for a mountain sportsman or alpine naturalist.

Stopping by one evening for a bite to eat, I had located a possible coffee house of promise called Yeti's Grind. Parking in one of the many parking garages, I located the shop on the ground floor of a large resort facing an open courtyard and soccer field. The recessed shop offers a nice patio for all types of weather, as the balcony above provides a nice exterior roof. The inside of the shop emanates an enticing aura, with a worn wooden plank bar, spacious variety of seating and open windows.

The coffee comes from local Colorado roaster City on a Hill Coffee and Espresso and on the occasion of my visit, both the espresso and the drip were of their House Blend. Pulled long with a tannish-brown crema, the espresso smacked of vanilla, pretzel, caramel, a bit of chives and some sassafras, and while the shots were pulled a bit too long for my liking, the flavor was still pretty delicious. The drip's profile proved a bit brighter and a tad heavier, with notes of malt, spinach, pink lemonade, corn tortilla and a smidgen of cloves.

All together, Yeti's Grind stood firm on its big hairy feet as an establishment worth the stop for a decent cup of coffee and espresso. If you happen to be in Vail for vacation or a quick rest stop, make your way over to Yeti's Grind.

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