Sunday, April 21, 2013

CC: Kava Cafe

Subject: Kava Cafe
Location: Breckenridge, CO
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 4+ [see key]

There's something about old wood buildings that makes me chipper. Maybe it's my love of spaghetti westerns or maybe it's the rustic feel of days past, but no matter my impetus, it is also quite the trend in many places to set up shop in old barns or bungalows.

One town that is full of such spiffy-looking digs is Breckenridge, Colorado. Walking down and around the main thoroughfares you are bound to see some intriguing constructs, ranging from salons to outfitters. One particular establishment that caught my eye for it's character also drew my gaze for the contents: a small shop slinging small donuts and coffee called Kava Cafe.

Though I had heard word about their great small donuts, I had not heard anything of their coffee. Looking inside their shack, I noticed they purvey Coda Coffee out of Denver, and having had fair experience with them prior, I gave Kava's coffee a try. For espresso, I had the Harmony blend and for the drip I had their Sumatra. The espresso, pulled somewhat long with thick blondish-brown crema, held potent notes of pepper and cinnamon within a bitter dark bite with not much else for flavor (alas, not the best espresso I've ever had). The Sumatra on the flip side was one of the better Sumatran coffees I've sampled in recent memory, with notes of honey, apple juice, caramel and nutmeg amidst a smooth, well-balanced, medium body.

While I can't boast of the espresso service that I had, it's plausible I hit the barista at a bad time. But even so, Kava still seems like a great spot on the main drag of Breck for a good cup of drip and some great, freshly-made donuts. Give it a try if you're in town.

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Mike said...

Quick question! Have you ever been to a coffee shop that has a 'brew your own' type thing goin?
Like each table has a machine/coffee maker and you buy the grounds and make it yourself? Just curious, I recently started a page with a similar concept if you'd like to check it out-