Sunday, February 17, 2013

CC: Cubby Hole

Subject: The Cubby Hole
Location: Moorestown, NJ
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 4+ [see key]

In the eastern part of the US, it amazes me that whole swaths of counties and states exist without a single coffeehouse that can serve a decent mug of coffee. I could draw mammoth circles on maps of NJ alone that encompass still bereft lands that have yet to possess an establishment that offers beans worthy of brewing.

Take the lovely town of Moorestown in southern Jersey. Voted one of the best towns to live by Money Magazine in 2011, this cute town of Quaker roots still seems to have a main street only barely holding on. As someone who grew up close by, I've always seen this main street as an opportunity waiting to happen, but of course the right stimuli also need to happen. One thing needed in my humble opinion is a great coffeehouse, a flower that still has yet to blossom. Oddly, the closest thing the street has to great coffee is a little eatery called the Cubby Hole.

Situated in a small, bland store front with a pair of outside tables, I actually had never wandered into the Cubby Hole's doors until my father mentioned they had good coffee. Not necessarily trusting my father's palate but at the same time owing him the respect to try out his recommendation, I took a visit one day. The interior proved not much too look at (a very muted decor with a space that actually has some potential for pizazz), the first sighting of their coffee took me by surprise. Sitting by the door were a couple of pump pots of One Village Coffee out of (somewhat) close-by Souderton, PA. Holding onto the hope that the coffee was brewed correctly and was fresh, I grabbed a cup of their Ethiopian. To my express delight, the brew packed a fruity punch along with some vanilla cookie, sassafras, english muffin and rose petal amidst a smooth, medium body; a flavorful and tasty African coffee.

While there was not an espresso machine in sight and an examination of the menu spoke of a simple eatery, I was still impressed with their coffee. Oddly enough, were this little eatery to take it to the next level with at least their coffee (never mind the other menu options), I think they could do some killer business. But for the time being, stop by the Cubby Hole for a good cup of drip coffee.


CoffeeGuru 4 iPhone said...

Ah... you should have tried The Pie Lady just two doors down. La Colombe and pie... what could be better?

Bill said...

Coffee Guru,

I actually have tried the Pie Lady. Good pie, but La Colombe falls far behind One Village in flavor and quality (much of La Colombe's coffee is underwhelming). Alas...