Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Support Local Coffee & Tea

Keep your local establishments in business.

While it might sound like an obvious encouragement, it seems to be ever more falling on deaf ears. During the holiday craziness, folks increasingly turn to huge conglomerates and chains to get their gifts conveniently. And while there are things you can only grab off Amazon, some of what you buy for your loved ones could be easily bought down the street.

This holiday season, if you have a quality, local coffee or tea establishment worth your patronage, go out of your way to do make them a place where you get your gifts. Your dollars go far to keep your local barista and coffee roaster afloat.

In case you're looking for more on why keeping it local is best, check out this article from the ILSR.

A merry holiday to you and yours!


Kay Sharp said...

Support local coffee and tea. This look great post. Thank you very much.

Coffee Lovers Mag said...

Great encouragement for all of us! In fact, it is proven that there are greater chances for entrepreneurs to stay and invest within a place where people patronize businesses around. This does not only help the industry, but the community as well to gain a good progress. Love your own!