Sunday, January 01, 2012

CC: The Cup

Subject: The Cup
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 4+ [see key]

My final coffee stop in Sin City was a place that was also located in the Crystals, a shop located very discreetly in the back first floor called the Cup. Rumored to me by one source to have decent espresso, it took me a walk or two around the Crystals to actually find it but only around the corner and down the stairs from my earlier coffee stop.

A cute-looking venue with a huge orange window and tons of white, the place has a nice array of art and furniture, perfect for the tourist looking for a break from the crowds. Asking the barista of the coffee, they informed me it was "their own" (which in trying to clarify, I wasn't able to decipher whether it was a "secret supplier" situation or they roast their own, though my guess is the former). I ordered a doubleshot off their Victoria Arduino machine of their espresso blend and their signature blend a la regular drip.

The espresso, pulled short/medium and with a flat brown crema, was a tad burnt in the front, with notes of dark cocoa, deep sassafras and lapsang souchong; an overall decent pair of shots though the extraction could have been better. The drip proved pleasant as well, with a smooth, light body and notes of honey, hyacinth, multigrain, wheat grass and brazil nut as well as a tinge of slight staleness (twas later in the day, so the pot probably sat). The tea is Stash.

While I wasn't as floored as I had hoped to be, the Cup still provided a fair coffee and espresso experience, especially compared to the many other coffee stands doling out over-roasted swill nearby. Thus, if you're in the Crystals looking for a cafe that has a nice environment and decent coffee, try the Cup. 


Steve Tague said...

If you're in Vegas again, try grabbing an espresso from Bentley's. Drive-thru and inexpensive, but you'll be surprised at the quality of their espresso (depending on who's pulling it). Thanks for the tip on The Cup!

Bill said...


Will definitely try out Bentley next time I'm in town! Thanks for reading!


amelia said...

I love your detailed descriptions note of honey and hyacinth.

That's good to know where to go when needing a break- Vegas can be intense!

ssd said...

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marc hummel said...

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