Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mugged: Mystic Morning [Marley Coffee]

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Marley Coffee
Coffee Mugged:
Mystic Morning

Rating: 3+
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y second coffee from Marley Coffee was an Ethiopian and Central American blend called Mystic Morning. Having seen strong reviews of this blend and having had my share of similar blends, I was curious to see how Marley would perform when it came to a dual-continent blend.

The coffee looked a bit on the dark end for a medium coffee but it wasn't so dark as to be out the medium range. I sampled the coffee via drip and french press (my siphon was out of commission when I was reviewing this coffee).

The drip produced notes of spicy apple, a little bit of nutmeg, oregano, whole wheat bread, bourbon, a little grass and candied plum. A decent infusion with a mellow body and a small sting of darkness.

The french press held a bit of dark cocoa, apple, pumpkin bread, a little oregano, bourbon and some honey on the end. A similarly mellow coffee but with a little more expression in the flavor accents.

All together, it seemed the central american-esque flavors of the coffee (earthy and honey) came out over the brightness usually associated with east African coffees. I can't say I was floored with the overall flavors but Mystic Morning wasn't a bad coffee either (just a little spicier then I would have liked). I also have a sneaky suspicion that this coffee was not fresh (I mentioned a similar concern in my review of their Jamaican Blue Mountain, as I got both shipped from So, at best, this was a slightly stale version that tasted fair or at worst, a fresh version that didn't sample so well.

Either way, give Mystic Morning a whirl if you're looking to give it a gamble.

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.

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