Sunday, February 20, 2011

CC: Albina Press

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Albina Press
Location visited: Portland, OR
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Of my list of coffeehouses to visit, Albina Press of Portland has sat on there for a long time. I remember reading blog posts (like this) extolling the place for great use of Stumptown coffee and serving as a strong icon of Portland coffee.

Finally I made my visit a few months passed and I hit the cafe at a nice lull where there was no booming crowds. The cafe sits on a corner in North Portland surrounded by an open, residential atmosphere where one wouldn't mind having a home. Within, the Albina is quite large, with several sections throughout, all with nice wood floors and lots of light.

As for my coffee, I purchased a french press of Stumptown's Guatemala Finca El Injerto and an espresso of Hairbender. The Guatemalan produced a coffee brimming with honey, wheat grass, apple juice, black tea and a smidgen of rose (a deliciously smooth coffee). The espresso, pulled short with nice crema, held notes of lemon, strong tea, tobacco, caramel, raspberry, cocoa and sassafras (a well-extracted and tasty espresso). The tea was Yohalem-Ilsley Medicinal Teas and Stumptown.

Yet another cafe I would love to be in the neighborhood of. If in Portland, swing by Albina Press.


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Serbius said...

Thanks for the info! I love quality coffee. The next time I'm in Portland I'll have to check this out.

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