Friday, December 19, 2008

Last Minute Gift Check-In

o, the Holiday blog post became quite a common thing on coffee blogs this year (I would recommend checking out the blogs on the left for some really great posts on gifts if you haven't already). But seeing as it's only a few days at the most til gift-giving time, I figured I would put up some basic, yet often overlooked tips to help you better affirm that you got/bought the gift you wanted (especially if you're a non-coffee fanatic buying for one).

Note, while I hold these opinions to be true, you may disagree and in the spirit of transparent peer education, please post your opinions of either affirmation or disagreement below.

Good Gift Signs:

1. Your travel mug has a stainless steel or ceramic interior (many plastics absorb odors).

2. Your coffee is whole bean, not oily on the outside (though some like it that way) and was roasted within a week of getting it.

3. Your espresso machine did not come from a department store (in most cases; I have yet to see a good one sold in the mall). Note that home espresso machines are wicked complex to find and if you have a good one, not easy to realize its full potential. As many espouse, don't have high hopes unless you're planning on putting a lot of work into finding and then using it, not to mention also possessing a good grinder, barista skills and good coffee.

4. Your free leaf tea is in a sealed, opaque container.

5. Your grinder has burrs (even better if it's recommended by a credible coffee fanatic).

6. Your coffee brewer does not have a hot plate (and if it does, make sure to not let it sit on it too long). Also, I would avoid a coffeemaker with a grinder inside; the grinder's probably not that good and it's one more thing to break.

7. Your french press is from Bodum (I have yet to find one made by someone else that I like).

8. The coffee is not in a sealed pod or the machine does not require them.

Also, feel free to add your own tips! Enjoy the happy chaos!


Coffee Mania said...

I agree 100% that ll of the above are great signs that you're about to have to some great coffee this Christmas!

Tracy Little said...

I wish that all coffee gift givers could see what you just wrote, it'd save me $35 espresso machines and vacuum packed grocery store coffee samples gifted from well meaning family... I'm going to guess you've had similar experiences?