Friday, August 10, 2007

CC:Calder's Coffee {Memorium}

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Calder's Coffee
Location visited:
Littleton, CO
Free WiFi ? : no longer
Rating: 5+ [see key]

It's always a tremendous shame when a great coffee operation closes. I have only witnessed a handful of closures in my time, but it makes it even worse when the place closes because of reasons such as location or personal matters (if you have inferior product and you didn't have the humility to listen to criticism, it's much less sad).

So seems the case with Calder Coffee right outside of Denver. I made a visit there this summer while on my way through. The place had not much outside appeal but it had a really nice interior full of cute little tables and functional discussion areas.

The coffee was roasted in-house and the espresso was expertly pulled. I must say I truly enjoyed my experience. It makes me sad to see the place go but sometimes, circumstances extend much further then our reach allows.

To the prior owner and his family, all the best.

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