Wednesday, May 30, 2007

CC: Victrola Coffee Roasters

What's a Coffee Commentary?

Victrola Coffee Roasters
Location visited: Seattle, WA
(411 15th St E location)
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

Few places have I yet to see beat Seattle's parking availability. It's amazing how you can go see the Space Needle or even near Pike's Place Market (albeit that one takes more time) and still find ample parking even on the weekends! Granted the city is often cursed with dismal skies and depression but at least you don't have to be dismal or depressed about parking...

Anyway, I was able to park in a perpendicular street spot (one of the spots on the street that you back into and so end up perpendicular to the street) right by my last coffee stop before hitting the road to Oregon: Victrola Coffee. Now, I've never heard of the place before doing some coffee research on the greater Seattle area. But after some simple preliminary searches, Victrola seemed like a quality spot to try out and hence my companion and I had headed there right after our lunch stop at Pike's Place.

The section of 15th St E that Victrola sits in seems to have numerous neon signs, having a slight camouflaging effect on the store. No matter, since my friend and I were looking for it and hence picked it out easily. The exterior was quaint, with some outside seating cradled in the window nooks out of the way of the sidewalk. The interior had a very full moon look with a nice collection watercolors (at the time), with a good deal of seating and an odd key system to their two bathrooms (I guess it's harder to lose a key when it's attached to a spatula...)

On to the coffee, they roast their own beans (at their other location I deduce), with a nice variety of single origins as well as Cup of Excellence and other auction coffees. I had the Empire Blend, which came off bright and full. Their espresso, pulled expertly, had a nice chocolaty sweetness with a hint of sunshine. The teas were free leaf but I didn't get the chance to sample their quality.

As one would expect of a Seattle coffee giant, Victrola gave a beautiful performance. While you have a plethora of coffee choices around the greater Seattle area, I would make a point to give Victrola a go.

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